It's all based on the changing motivations of the workforce over the past 150 years. We believe the next 50+ years will emphasize Culture, the new discipline of aligning and nuancing the corporate personality of an organization for incremental performance, engagement, and competitive advantage.

The Astounding 150-Year Story Of Workplace Culture

The Essential Tool For An Effective Talent Strategy

Research shows that most employees are disengaged. There are many engagement surveys, but none of them show you how to address your unique challenges. Our consultants specialize in the psychology of employee performance, and have helped some of the most respected brands build and sustain engagement and culture.

The Breakthrough Tool That Measures The Vital Signs of The Modern Workplace

The Motivational Response Index™

In all, there are 15 needs that determine if you’ll like your job (and how much)

Psychology shows we respond to things that satisfy our needs. They motivate us! In every job you’ll ever have, there are 15 needs at play. Some jobs meet them. Others don’t. When you add them all up, you get an index for a job’s ability to satisfy and motivate you!

The Story of
The Culture MRI™

In 1990, Ben Ortlip walked away from a prestigious position in a highly-respected ad agency. He wondered, “How can a job this good be this bad?!” Puzzled, Ortlip turned from writing for famous brands to writing about the cultures that drove them - the brand inside. What followed was a thirty-year quest to understand what makes people happy and productive in the workplace. Along the way, Ortlip directed projects for The Drucker Institute, Ken Blanchard, John Maxwell, Henry Cloud and Tony Robbins, while shaping culture for companies like UPS, Delta, Salesforce, and Chick-fil-A. Today, Ortlip’s landmark findings are distilled into The Culture MRI™, a system for measuring culture and building a sought-after workplace. 

Our mission Is to help leaders define and foster a culture that improves profits and brand equity. We know how hard it is to solve the psychology of human performance. We offer helpful tools and guidance that equips leaders to cultivate a workplace where each person can be good at something, believe in something, and belong to something.

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